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Tomas Albrektsson, MD, Ph D, ODhc

Born August 25th 1945, Swedish citizen
Professional preparation
MD in 1973, PhD-thesis Healing of Bone Grafts defended in 1979 (Tutor: P-I Brånemark)
Full time clinical work between 1973 and 1976, Associate professor (docent) in 1980.

Researcher & Head of Bone research Group at the Laboratory of Experimental Biology, Department of Anatomy, Gothenburg University, Sweden 1980 – 1986. Researcher and Head of Administration, Institute for Applied Biotechnology, Gothenburg, 1980-1986. Professor and Head of Department of Handicap Research (nowadays dept. of Biomaterials), University of Gothenburg since 1986. Chairman of the Department since 1988, today a part of the dept of Clinical Sciences, Sahlgren´s Academy, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Commissions of Trust
Previous or present Board member of several biomaterials oriented commercial companies.
Board member of the dept of Surgical Sciences for more than 10 years and of the dept of Clinical Sciences since 2006.
Various Board positions (including several as chairman) of idealistic organisations with memberships of between 400 and 4000 individuals.

Networks in academia and industry
Substantial network with numerous research bodies over the years.
Previous or present consultancies to stock market companies such as Nobel Biocare, Mediteam, Astra Zeneca and 3i. Frequently invited as external expert on international academic positions.

Entepreneurial achievements
Close co-worker of P I Brånemark in development of osseointegrated oral & craniofacial clinical treatment with international breakthrough in 1982 and 1992, senior member of team that has developed new osseointegrated hip arthroplasties for clinical usage (2005).
The Editor of 10 scientific books and the member of the Editorial Board of 8 international, scientific journals. Editor-in-Chief of Applied Osseointegration Research, a scientific monograph, since 2000. Several patents in the field of biomaterials.
The author of more than 600 abstracts, reviews and scientific papers on bone grafts, vital microscopy of bone, experimental implants, oral and craniofacial reconstructions and orthopaedic implants. Paper by Brånemark, Albrektsson et al (1983)was in 2006 awarded as one of the top papers published in Biomaterials during 25 years. Paper by Wennerberg & Albrektsson (2000) awarded title of best paper in Int J Oral & Maxillofacial Implants published in the year of 2000. Ranked among the 6 most quoted scientists of the Medical faculty of Göteborg University in an investigation covering the years between 1986 and 2001.

Theses of graduate students
Supervisor or co supervisor of 38 Ph D theses at the own department and of 3 Ph D theses at Universities abroad. External examiner of 9 national and 2 international Ph D theses

Other relevant qualifications
About 850 invited lectures to professional audiences all over the world.

Awards, Honorary memberships etc.
Awarded the gold medal of the city of Paris, France in 1989
Academician of the year, Singapore University 1994
Recipient of the IADR “Research in Prosthodontics and Implants Award” Seattle, USA 1994
Honorary member of the British Facial and Audiological Implant Group since 1994
Doctor of Odontology, honoris causa, University of Buenos Aires, Argentine 1995
Honorary member of the Indian Society for Periodontology since 1996
Honorary visiting professor at Eastman Dental ,University College London since 1998
Honorary member of the Slovenian Association for Osseointegration since 1999
Honorary member of the Lebanese Dental Association since 2002.
Recipient of the Jerome M and Dorothy Schweitzer Research Award, New York, USA 2004
Carlos Alberto de Menezes Berenguer Award, Salvador, Brazil, 2006.
Elected member of the Royal Society Arts and Sciences in Göteborg, Sweden in 2006
Award “Lifetime achievement in the Science of Osseointegration” Academy of OI,
San Antonio,Tx, USA 2007
Honorary member of South African Academy of Prosthodontics since 2007.
Laney visiting professor at the Mayo clinic, Rochester, Minn. USA, 2008.
Honorary member of the Biomaterials Research Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden since 2008.


On clinical outcome of oral implants

Today many clinically well documented oral implant systems have by and large been abandoned for the potential benefit of new, untested devices. Oral implant companies have continued launching new products sold despite a terrible lack of clinical documentation. This is not at all against the law, in fact neither in Europe, nor in the US is any documented clinical research needed before launching new products.

However, if things go wrong, the dentist and the patient will have to pay the major costs. Having said this, implants from the four major companies; TiUnite (Nobel), SLA (Straumann), Osseotite(3i) and Osseospeed (Astra Tech) have all been positively, clinically documented for time periods of 3 – 5 years. This positive statement need not include other implants or implant solutions from the same companies, exemplified by the Direct implant and The teeth in the hour concept of Nobel Biocare, where independent investigators have reported clinical problems in several studies.

Therefore, I am of the opinion that the profession must demand clinical pre-testing of every new implant before marketing with this information properly published and not only be “on file” within the respective companies.


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